daiktas į kišenę įdėtas 2009-02-10 20 val.

A: I'm in dire need of a basic undergrad new media textbook that has a good collection of foundational essays (such as Manovich, Bush, McLuhan, Jenkins, Bolter and Grusin, et al.), but is not too esoteric or advanced for an entry level undergrad course. The MIT New Media Reader book and Lister's New Media or good, but maybe too much for grad students. Any suggestions?

J: Have you examined Strate, Jacobson, & Gibson's Communication and Cyberspace, 2nd ed. (Hampton, 2003)?

JY: Here's one recently published possibility: Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools by Byron Hawk (Editor), David M. Rieder (Editor), Ollie Oviedo (Editor), Univ Of Minnesota Press (2008)

D: It's not a text per se, but it is incredibly useful, and I've included it in several of my intro to communication and media analysis courses: Jarice Harson „24/7: How Cell Phones and the Internet Change the Way We Live, Work and Play.“

B: Hi Antonio — I have just the book for you which I happen to have written. It is being published by Hampton Press and is due to emerge sometime this year. It is entitled Understanding New Media: Extending Marshall McLuhan and it is an update of McLuhan's classic Understanding Media. By Robert K. Logan, PhD […] I just got off the phone with the publisher Barbara Bernstein at Hampton who reported the book will be out in the first quarter of 2009.

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